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Corsair K63 Wireless Keyboard - Volume Up Key Activates on its Own and Gets Stuck

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So I've had this K63 keyboard for awhile and its been doing this for some time. Honestly it drives me crazy and I'm about ready to just trash it. If I'm watching Youtube, Twitch, or anything streaming I'll get the Windows audio bar thing that pops up in the top left of my screen as if I'd just changed the volume, except I didn't. What seems to be happing is the volume up keyboarf key (top right most corner of keyboard) is activate on its own and then gets stuck as if its being held down. Because of this, that Windows audio display will not go away and because the computer is registering the key as being held down it also blocks some other keystrokes. For example you can't press the Windows key while it is doing it. The only way to fix the problem is to manually press the volume up key which seems to then make the keyboard and computer it was not being pressed after all. I've attached a GIF showing the audio display and how I can drag the volume down but its obviously reading a volume up command from the keyboard. I've tried just going into ICUE and disabling the volume up key but that doesn't work and then when this happens the only way to "fix" it (temporarily) is to re-enable it so I can press it manually again. I mean this can happen as often as every minute or two. I have a Windows 10 PC. ICUE is version 4.16.194 and it says there is an update to v4.30.162 but it doesn't seem to want to install for me. Any help?

I've never had issues with anything I've bought from Corsair before but honestly this has been so infuriating that if it can't be fixed I don't think I'll buy another corsair keyboard. I've tried searching and seems I'm not the only one with the issue but have yet to find an actual solution.

Corsair Error.gif

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