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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE - Mouse Wheel Squeak

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I opted to change brands from Logitech to Corsair after seeing a demonstration model at a local Best buy about two weeks ago. 

I really like the smooth feel of the mouse, but this morning, I noticed that the mouse wheel when scrolling down has this intermittent 'squeel' or 'squeak' to it.  It doesn't do it all the time, but I'm really not used to a mouse wheel squeaking at all, and its a little distracting.  Is it possible the unit is defective somehow?  Is there anything I can do to eliminate the squeak?

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Hey there @Veretax, I'm just hunting some tutorial on how to disassemble the mouse, and I'll do the same with wheel I did with my K100 Air here.

//edit: found this so far: 


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Okay, it's too complicated, I'm simply gonna pour there the clearner with lubricant spray or something, or just put the upper chassis away and try to apply the Keychron lube somehow. I'm not removing teflon pads, no siree...

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