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high cpu usage on qmlrenderer.exe / make murals optional

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Dear Corsair support,

since 4.30 update qmlrenderer.exe wakes up my Ryzen 5900 from sleep states and causing high power consumption.

i was looking for a way to deactivate iCue murals by deselecting all mural effect but didnt work, qmlrender.exe was still running.

So i used third party tool to prevent qmlrenderer.exe from starting, and since then the cpu load is fine.


please make mural optional

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Do you have an Elite Capellix and LCD top?  QMLRender is normally associated with that and not Murals/Scenes which can always be deactivated with one click. 

There have been a couple of reports of this including before 4.30 was released, so I am not sure if it’s version specific or some type of install corruption. Try the standard repair option from the Windows Apps list. Click on Corsair iCUE and select “modify”. Follow the prompts for a repair install. This will not erase profiles or settings. If that does not work, you might consider a clean install of CUE. Be sure to export all your current profiles prior to doing this. It will require a complete redo of all settings but unfortunately some errors are in the settings and must be corrected this way. 



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