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3.5mm Jacks for Alienware 510H

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Hi I have an expensive Alienware headset I bought. Now the game I like to play only accepts sound/mic from 3.5mm perfectly. My issue is where do I plug the mic and where do I plug the speaker plugs into as are relevant plug-in pictures are pretty far apart from each other. Ie the picture of the speaker is on the front of the machine and the picture for the mic is on the back of the i160. My headset 3.55 cord/s cannot be split by more than 5cm as it has a special moulded cable clamp system


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To make it clearer. The headset has a cord with two auxiliary 3.5mm plugs. Now the correlating pictures on the Corsair i160 are at the front of the system ie headset(speaker cups) and at the back of the machine the microphone picture.

my question:

How to make this work if cable is only able to split 50mm away from each other? 

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If you look at the back of the motherboard you will see several 3.5mm jacks, one will be for speakers, and one will be for microphone. If you wish to utilize the front panel IO you will need a combo 3.5mm jack on your headphones.

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