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Why is my Corsair iQUE consuming over 3GB of space?

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It’s simple software?  Support for several dozens devices, including associated drivers, RGB lighting, profile storage, pre-written game profiles, the graphic UI, and all the pretty pictures. I’m sure it could be smaller if they made it look like a HWinfo sensor spreadsheet but that may not be so marketable. Being able to choose the required device Support on install would be nice, but this would likely lead to a landslide of user management issues. The recent name change of Scenes->Murals suggests a fair number of users do not understand the software at all and may not be able to set it up properly. 

Its size is comparable to most other motherboard RGB control packages that do sensor, RGB, and fan control, although most don’t need to support as many different devices. Asus Armory Crate is 1GB in its compressed form before it unravels its tentacles and starts downloading on its own. No telling how big it gets after that. Your current gpu driver is going to be 800MB before it’s unpacked and not including the game profiles it will download after. If you are running tight on space on your C drive, it’s probably time to consider a larger or additional storage drive. 

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Corsair has never showed any interest in making the program lighter. That's just how it goes and i wouldn't hold much hope they ever do in the future. On the opposite, they keep piling more crap on top, akin to a septic tank at this point ^^

They would have to hire competent product managers who would have the balls to make software a priority in the user experience.

But yea, other prorams often don't fare much better. the Nvidia driver is getting crazy these days!

That said they could make things lighter. Ghub manages all my peripherals with 300mb (download drivers only for what's connected), and the program that manages cooling and RGB is barely 70mb big, both using a fraction of the CPU usage of iCUE

So there's room for improvement.. just, not happening.

But you could bring your voice to that topic, if more people request a lighter program, maybe they will decide to do something about it :



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