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Deviece settings doesnt have a profile for me to save


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So I bought a K55 RGB PRO Keyboard today and boy do I regret it

My problem is I am unable to pick a color for my keyboard, or even just choose a preset, because there is no option to save any settings in Device Sttings (included picture)

Whenever I leave the 'Hardware Lightning' tab the RGB SHUTS DOWN. I have to keep this program running in the background to be able to type on my keyboard, otherwise i need a ********ing light shinging on my keyboard in order to type.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled version 4.30.162, useless, tried installing older version 3.19.120 - cudent even find the keyboard...

I have dragged profile2 above the preset profile and set profile2 as default, which did nothing. I could not find anything about not being able to see profiles in my Device settings, so here's to hoping on one of you knowing 


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Hardware Lighting is for when CUE is not running.  The K55 Pro has zonal lighting and thus there won't be too many choices.   It also uses a different method of activating those compared to more expensive keyboards with larger memory banks.  See the video below.


Your maximum options are with the software running and to create your lighting you need to be in "Lighting Effects".  These lighting patterns can be saved to different profiles and quickly selected when the software is running.




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Unfortionetly, this video is no help at all.

Pressing the FN key + key 1-5 in hardware mode does nothing at all. The only way to be able to type in the dark on this cursed product is to keep icue running in the background and to periodically click 'hardware lightning' whenever icue goes to sleep (?).


Anyway, thanks for trying to help

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If you are running CUE, then hardware lighting is irrelevant. It only is active when CUE is not running. 

If the CUE app is running, then it can use your full system resources to manage effects and is not limited by KB memory and MCU. Go to the Lighting Effects tab and create one. Yellow +. 

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