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H100i Elite LCD, Coolant Temperatures


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I recently rebuilt one of my computers. I have a H100i Elite LCD cooler, 13900KF, EVGA 3090 FTW. I put all of this in a Corsair 280x case. I know, not the best airflow in this case.

The H100i basically has to be at the top as an exhaust, as there is no other location it will fit and there is no rear fan option for this case.

My CPU runs about where I would expect for a 13900KF. My coolant temperatures go from upper 20’s to low 30’s at idle, but slowly increase to about 47c while gaming.

Are my coolant temperatures normal given my system? I’ve heard over 50c is the concerning point and 60c is a real problem? 

I ran an 8086K in this case previously and had no issues, but I never watched the coolant temperatures either.

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the 280X is a problem for sure but there are ways to improve. Results vary from build to build so it's really yours to try, see if it works.

Removing the top glass has a lot of effect obviously. some did use shims and longer screws to push the glass farther up and leave space to breathe.

Since the top is exhaust you should remove the top dust ffilter too when using the fans in that orientation.

Some have good results setting top fans as intake (you may want the dust filter back there), but you have to watch the GPU temperatures if they don't increase too much.

In addition, some did add a small exhaust fan on the back, can't remember what size it was, maybe 80mm ?


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What is the size of the thumb screws on this case? Are these the correct size: https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Thread-Vibration-Isolators-Absorber/dp/B07KSTDL9T/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=hI2yn&content-id=amzn1.sym.8cf3b8ef-6a74-45dc-9f0d-6409eb523603&pf_rd_p=8cf3b8ef-6a74-45dc-9f0d-6409eb523603&pf_rd_r=96K26C61F38TEGK4FAT1&pd_rd_wg=Sm3Mk&pd_rd_r=46663f29-9dae-4310-b99d-0711cbba4847&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mi&th=1

I took the top off and the coolant temps are 3-4c cooler.

Has anyone tried intake with an AIO on the top, bottom fans intake and front exhaust? Not my preference, but it seems like it would fix the AIO temps. The GPU would have cool air blowing on it from below.

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