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iCue v. 4.30.162 bug report

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Hey guys,


So I noticed an issue with iCue. Not exactly sure if it was from this update or recently because I haven't been on my computer in a long time. Basically I set up my macros to have a macro to press a key, then have a secondary action that releases this key. This set up allows me to hold a key as long as I want, and when I release my macro key, the key lets go. It isn't the same as toggle because that's click once, it turns on, click again it turns off. Today, I thought my macros weren't working, and I reinstalled iCue, restarted, etc etc. I finally figured out that iCue won't execute a macro command without a command to release the key in the same macro. This basically broke most of my macros. Not sure if this is supposed to be a feature so a key can't be left pressed, but there should be a better warning system instead of preventing a key to be pressed when told to do so.

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I'm assuming this happened in iCUE update version 4.28.174.

  • "Resolved an issue where certain keyboard events would be stuck with On Press when a macro is activated."

The problem is I want to be able to press a key to cook my grenades for COD, and throw when I release the key. I can't find any other way to do this in iCue, only toggles and timed events. 😞

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Yes. I have the same issue on corsair K100 air. Please, can you fix it or add "macro sequences" like other brands? 

on key press: do something

while key press: do something

on key release: do something

With this feature this keyboard is 10/10. Please, need a solution for this. Thank you

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