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Some RAM problems

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So I wanted to build a PC with the RAM like CMH or CMW, I looked for Mainboards that supported like CMW32GX4M2Z3600C18 or some else like that (I dont want white RAM or Dominator/LPX). I wanted 64GB of RGB RAM with 3.600 mhz in my PC, but I looked at MSI or Gigabyte Mainboards and they all dont support 16GB 3.600 mhz of that, only 8GB with 3.600 mhz. Thats so frustrating cuz I want to build RGB RAM with 3.600 mhz and 4x 16GB in.  CPU is that comes in is a Ryzen 9 5900X, so I need AMD as Mainboard.

So idk if anyone of u can help me at my problem or do I just over see something?

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the default frequency is 3200 but it can take more.

Also, the motherboard QVL lists are only a list of memory sticks that the motherboard manufacturer happen to have tested. it doesn't mean that's the only compatible sticks. They can't test them all.


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It is also always advisable to never mix separate memory kits. If your intent is to have 64GB of system memory, it is always recommended that you purchase a single 64GB memory kit instead of attempting to mix two separate 32GB memory kits. Mixing kits can lead to compatibility problems such as system stability problems, prevent XMP/DOCP from enabling, or even prevent a system from booting.

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