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LC100 Stopped Working

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Hi, huge Corsair fan here (back to the days when Corsair George was Therapy on the Something Awful forums). I have both the starter and expansion kit for the LC100, and it worked for a good 8 months, but now I can't get a single panel to light, on either kits. I did move my computer a few inches, and I know how finnicky these triangles can get with their connections, but I took apart and re assembled the triangles 4 times. The master triangles are in the right place, sata power is connected as well as the usb on the node pro. I'll attach some pics but I'm at a loss here

20221113_151459 (1).jpg

20221113_151450 (1).jpg

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This just happened to me today. Nothing seems to work.

Good luck getting help, corsair had been very rude to customers lately and I have had a ticket open on the Nexus for a week now with no reply. Bout to submit one on the LC100 and expect the same.

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Same issue has happened to me just now. Nothing is lighting up, node pro is showing on iCUE and can configure on screen but the lights seem dead. Would like to RMA this product, location Mumbai, India.

@Corsair Raven

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I have had this same problem with THREE sets of THREE of these.

I purchased two starter kits and an expansion kit when they first launched.

This same crap happened, randomly after shutting down and powering up, they stop working.

I purchased THREE more, this time from Amazon, and returned the three broken ones.

Same crap happened again. Corsair is asking me for pics of it with WHITE mural on.... But I already opened the ticket with a picture of them already not working. I don't know why after waiting three weeks, I need to show the same dead triangles in WHITE... They look the same.

This time was triggered by the recent update  4.33.138

After unplugging everything internally during a GPU install to remove them, Some started working after rearranging them, and the main triangle of one began to work after moving it around as if it had a short.

Shut down because my dominator ram lighting froze with an error, and I can't restart because my system will hang due to the memory error, and when I started back up, WHOLE STRIP DEAD AGAIN and half of the other as well.

It pisses me off because I spent $400 on this MULTIPLE TIMES and have had issues with ALL of them from multiple vendors. 

I have to work to pay for all of this, so I can't stop what I am doing to send pictures after no response for three weeks. So they closed the ticket.

I am absurdly disappointed.

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Corsair needs to address this issue of something causing the LC100 to randomly stop working. Seems like a defective lot? Or some overall build defect?
Thankfully the product comes with a 2 year warranty. I’m safe for another 1 year, 4 months. Going to RMA this during the week.

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