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Controller equipment required for a new build

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I'm doing a new case build. Cooling will be air, not water cooled. For the build I am planning to use 7-8 RGB fans and 4-5 RGB strips that may or may not be tied together in series. Note these would all be Corsair fans and RGB strips.

My question is this: which would be the best set of controllers to get for this? Looking through all the documentation and YouTube videos, I'm not suer what would be the best controller scenario. 

Thanks in advance for your advice. 🙂  


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There are multiple overlapping controller options and thus several different ways to get it done. 

1) LED strip kit. It comes with 4 strips and the started package has a Lighting Node Pro controller with two led channels. You’ll need this for the strips. 

2) The next part is fan dependent. Most fan multipacks come with their own RGB controller. The type depends on the fan type. It will be able to control the fan RGB, but not speed. You need a different controller for that or to use your mb. I would suggest whichever fans you use on the air cooler remain on cpu/opt fan on the motherboard for speed control. This is a safety feature and they need to be able to react at all times regardless of the software state. They can still be RGB and each Corsair RGB fan has separate wires for speed and RGB control that do not need to go to the same place. 

3) if you do want speed control, a Commander XT may solve most issues. It has 6 PWM and 6 RGB ports plus one led port for strips. However, we likely need to nail down your fan type to make sure everything is accounted for. 

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