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New H150i ELITE LCD, before I turn it on, is this an issue or just cosmetic?

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Alright, so I just finished building my system and this cuff on one of the rad hoses is snug, but can turn on the hose.

The hose seems stable, all the connections seem good but I wasn't sure if this is just a cosmetic cuff to hold the mesh or what.

Could use a solid answer before I turn this thing on to make sure I'm safe, and for some reason the live chat sometimes pops up on the site, other times doesn't and I can't figure out how to access it even though the hours show it SHOULD BE available.

(Fitting is in the red box in the screenshot)


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It is just a cosmetic cuff to protect the connection underneath. If the entire hose feels loose or turns that would be concerning, but if it’s just the plastic outer cover it probably has no bearing on anything. That said, it’s your gear so if you know it’s going to be stuck in the back your mind, go ahead and exchange it now. 

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