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Is there a way to disable the DPI / Profile switch buttons on my Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite mouse in iCUE?

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First off, let me say I am very happy with my Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite mouse, as well as my Corsair K100 RGB keyboard. Whether I am programming, gaming, or just futzing with Windows, I have found these products an absolute joy to use. You guys at Corsair have really outdone yourselves!

However, there is one thing I'm having a problem with, as of late. See, I've gotten into Diablo Immortal, as a Wizard, where absolute control of the mouse (for aiming your attacks) and of the keyboard (for moving your character while you simultaneously aim those attacks) is important, especially as a ranged player and glass cannon, and I play a fair amount of PVP, and I'm gradually climbing up there in ranks, so this is becoming more and more of a pressing issue:  Is there a way to disable the DPI / Profile switch buttons on my Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite mouse in iCUE? At least until I reboot or specifically toggle a setting in the iCUE software?

Something like the Disable Winkey toggle for the K100 When Win Lock is ON under the K100's Performance settings (which I think is really nice; if anything, I'd suggest adding a Disable Caps-Lock setting as well)? But for the Scimitar mouse?


Because I've accidentally hit the DPI / Profile switch button so many times during intense gameplay, I went ahead and made a meme about it (for your amusement):


So, short of ripping the DPI / Profile switch buttons out of my mouse, or rewriting every profile I have so that the DPI / Profile settings are exactly the same (so that no matter how many times I accidentally stab one of those two buttons during gameplay, it won't matter, since the DPI is all the same, and the Profiles will only switch among exact copies of themselves, which are the same)...what can I do? Is there a secret way of telling the DPI / Profile switch buttons to, effectively, shutup, until I am finished playing Diablo Immortal? If not, can you guys add this in as a feature in a later iCUE release? Please? I am dying out there...virtually, of course...but still, I am letting down my teammates when my character suddenly misbehaves during those key moments of battle.

Two other *nice to haves*: 1.) Being able to use the K100's Win Lock key to disable the DPI / Profile switch buttons on my Scimitar mouse (as a form of integration between the two pieces of hardware, if you have them...might be a good idea, might not)? 2.) For your next release of a Scimitar or Scimitar-like mouse, can you add on a few more buttons? Like 3 more? There's room on the current Scimitar mouse to put them in there if you don't mind not being able to adjust the mouse horizontally. I ask because I main a Paladin in WoW, and Blizzard keeps adding stuff to our rotation, and the current Scimitar mouse almost has enough buttons for all the various attacks + defenses + debuffs + heals (Word of Glory) + movement-related stuff (summon your horse / slow down the enemy player) + etc. Almost enough. Still had to leave off Hammer of Wrath...which is only useful during rarer situations than all the other stuff I had tied to the various Scimitar buttons...left my rotation incomplete (well, slower, if I was quick enough to click it when it finally proc'ed) when I could have used it (almost instantly) if I had another button...

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Went back, and looked under Key Assignments, and noticed it had a Disable setting.

So, that answers my question.

Thanks guys!

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