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I have a HP zv5260us, and I'm looking to upgrade my RAM (pc2700 DDR SoDIMM) to 1GB.

I've looked around (w/ the good help of NewEgg), and I'm certain I'll purchase Corsair...


I'm upgrading not for gaming (my notebook's only equipped w/ a GeForce 440), rather productivity and mainly overall system performance.


I will either purchase XMS or System Select (from NewEgg)... but when I used the "find the right module," it only showed system select...


Is XMS CMXSD512-2700LL compatible w/ my notebook?


If it is, would it use more power than non-performance oriented RAM? Would it give off more heat?


Will there be any issue with the heat spreader fitting in?


Thanks for the help.

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If you simply want to increase your RAM to 1GB, I suggest you use the

System Select memory. (especially since you're mixing it with an existing module).

Proprietary systems are famous for lack of BIOS options.

The XMS and VS RAM need tweaking sometimes.

If you can't do this, then it's a hit or miss situation.


The XMS module would'nt even work with the other stick.

Two VS modules may work by themselves.(could'nt be mixed with your other RAM either).

The System Select would be the best bet (and cheapest) IMO.

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Eventhough HP specs say RAM can only be increased to 1.25GB (due to an inaccessible slot), I will take apart my laptop to get to that slot (easy thing to do).


So I will replace both pieces of stock RAM, going w/ 2 x 512 sticks.


Thanks for the advice.

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OK, I've spoken to a HP support guy, posted about it on some forums, and, no the 256 module under the keyboard is not soldered on, but, I'm not going to replace both modules (BestBuy tech is too scared to open up the laptop)... so I'm just going to replace 1 module w/ a 1GB stick, preferably this:




Will this be compatible and work in my laptop?


(My laptop's a HP zv5260us, AMD 64 3200+, 512MB RAM (2 x 256MB), 80GB UATA/100 EIDE HDD, nVidia GeForce 4 440 Go)

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