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Commander pro vs XT


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Hi I'm new here.  I read a few articles re: the different commander boxes but I'm still not clear.


On the website it says RBG and fan control for the pro but then I read on here the pro only does fan control but not the RBG's. I'm confused.


What I'm looking using is:

1. iCue H150i Elite Capellix

2. 6 QL iCue RGB 120 fans. (3 for the cooler, 2 in front of case, 1 for rear)

3. maybe a light strip or 2 for bottom of case (not sure yet)


This is for my son. I'm picking out what I want to use and having a shop build it in my area.  


I just want to understand everything as much as possible. 


Thanks so much,


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the commander pro does fan control and RGB but it has a different layout.

the commander pro uses RGB fan led hubs, a separate little unit that connects to one of its two RGB ports, and that has 6 connexions for fan RGB.

the commander XT has the 6 fan RGB connectors built in without needing that rgb hub.

Basically they both do the same job, both RGB and fan control. But since you only need 6 fans it's a lot neater with cable management if you go for a commander XT. All the fan cables connect directly to it, less cable clutter than with a commander pro. And the XT also has a spare RGB channel for the LED strips, so it can cover all you want to do.


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You will get a "Commander Core" with the H150i Elite package.  That is a 6 fan PWM/RGB controller with direct ports for each on the sides.  It is required to make the Elite Cap AIOs work as power to the pump is routed through the controller.  The Commander XT is the sibling controller, but without the pump power circuitry making room for an extra LED port and 2 Temp sensors.  


I am assuming this will be 9 fans in total -- the 6 QL + the 3 ML-Elite OEM with the AIO package.  For most people I recommend using an inexpensive PWM repeater/hub to offload some of the fan motor current.  These are typically less than $20 USD and can power 4-10 fans depending on which you choose.  It is effectively a powered splitter.  One PWM lead to the controller.  Then all fans on the hub run the same speed.  This is useful in modern cases where you have these banks of 3-4 fans and don't need individual fan control.  The QL multipacks come with a Lighting Node Core.  Each LNCore can do RGB for up o 6 fans.  So you effectively split the 9 fans across the Com Core + PWM hub (for PWM) and then Com Core + LNCore (for RGB).


However, adding LED strips to this for control through CUE complicates things.  There are no LED ports on the Commander Core or Lighting Node Core.  You would have to get the LED strip pack with a Lighting Node Pro to power the RGB on the strips.  However, this pack + PWM hub is likely to be about the same cost as what I'll suggest below.


Commander Core XT - Just like the Commander Core with 6 PWM and 6 RGB ports.  You put the 6 QL on this for PWM and RGB.  It has a build in LED port so you can add strips later without adding another controller.  This makes 2 USB 2 connections and 2 SATA connection with all fans and RGB in CUE control.  As long as your are not getting the LCD version of the Elite Capellix which is a 3rd USB 2.0 connection, this may be the simplest solution.  

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Guys.  Thanks so much. I was removing the ML fans on the cooling radiator and putting the QL on so all fans match.  I know I'm wasting money but I figured it would look better?

6 total fans.  Should I not remove the ML fans that come on the cooler and use QL for the extra 3 in the case?  

I'm thinking from above the XT is a better choice to keep things neater and I can still add strips if the kid wants them?


I am looking to into having someone local build it so I can use a smaller case vs doing the corsair 4000x case from Origin.  I really want have a smaller case, but them I know I'm going down to a different motherboard. full size vs ITX. The case is this:

Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini Black

This case can really get loaded out.

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7 hours ago, jimim said:

6 total fans.  Should I not remove the ML fans that come on the cooler and use QL for the extra 3 in the case?  

OK, that changes things.  You need nothing except the 6 QL.  The Commander Core in the box with the H150i Elite Capellix will handle the 6 fans for RGB and speed control.  A ML-Elite is a flatter and wider blade and provides more air through a radiator, but on a 360mm radiator it's not going to matter much at all.  Unless you are setting up a CPU render workstation with a high watt CPU, you'll never notice the difference.  


However, this also means if you decide later you want RGB strips, you'll need a Lighting Node Pro or other RGB controller with LED ports.  There is no reason to buy a Commander XT right now.  It can't power the AIO and you don't need it for speed control or RGB.  

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There is a lighting strip kit that is 4 strips plus Lighting Node Pro included. You’ll have to price check at the time, but the retail version is likely less expensive than acquiring a LNPro from eBay or the like, then the strip/extensions package with no controller. However, in a big case those extensions can be valuable. 

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