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Corsair lied about Vengeance RGB Pro with X299

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Just stating that Corsair are a bunch of con artists, they are liars.

Purchased this DRAM 

This DRAM CMW32GX4M4K4266C19 which on Amazon clearly shows that this DRAM is
compatible with X299. Here is the link.


> Q - What motherboards does Vengeance PRO RGB support?

> A - Vengeance PRO RGB supports Intel 100 Series,Intel 200 Series,Intel 300
Series,Intel X299,AMD 300 Series,AMD 400 Series,AMD X570Series


Now the motherboard has this DRAM listed on their QVL, which was working fine until the recent motherboard BIOS update which broke compatibility and Corsair just seem to be taking the absolute piss.

Now the latest BIOS for the motherboard has broken compatibility for
this DRAM and they have only checked the Corsair support site and because
Corsair have not updated the platforms for the DRAM, they are now refusing to
fix the issue.
Now in order to fix the DRAM issues, Corsair need to update the support page and included this DRAM but they also refuse, this DRAM was working fine for years.
Just received an email from these scumbags stating that this DRAM is not supported on X299, which is false advertising and if they refuse the full refund, we will be sending a letter for legal action. 
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Well, name calling certainly won't help anyone ^^

What is the issue exactly? maybe someone can help. I have my doubts about a kit of 4x 4266mhz sticks working stable at the advertised XMP speed on X299.

maybe that motherboard update did add some "memory compatibility fixes" that threw off the cliff a very touchy setting.

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3 hours ago, JOHN007 said:

which was working fine until the recent motherboard BIOS update which broke compatibility

It was working fine, until a BIOS update.  The modules didn't change.  Your BIOS did.  If you don't understand why that matters, you may want to dial down the rhetoric a bit.  RAM manufacturers do not adjust the RAM with updates.  You do by changing timings.  


Amazon is responsible for their page.  The very top of the product information lists a different set of chipsets and does not match the lower one.  That should have been a warning sign to go check the actual product page at Corsair which does not list x299.  I having a hard time imagining any Z170 or X299 board running 4x8@4266 outside of a sport overclocking context.  

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