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Brand New HX1000i has constant clicking sounds

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I just upgraded my PSU to a brand new Corsair HX1000i and upon startup i have noticed constant clicks at low power, ( very similar to the relay sound but constant every 2-3 seconds in intervals ). I have read about many new units that do this but it really doesn't seem faulty ( atleast i hope not ).

The clicking occurs always below 200w load and does dissapear when above 200w in high loads. Any ideas? There is no fan rattle, and i did check the fan. It sounds like the relay is constantly changing! But i just wanna be sure. Do i need to send it back? or it's ok for a while? I really need this PC for work and i really need to rely on so can't really be constantly swapping PSU's to test new Corsair ones in case i buy the last gen HX1000i.

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x GPU: RTX 3080 12g ( Suprim X ) Mobo: B550 Aorus pro v2 PSU: Corsair HX1000i - upgraded from a 750w Gold one ( other brand ).

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