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The rgb of my pump of my corsair hydro 100i no longer works (only a red led on the right works)


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I bought a corsair hydro 100i platinium watercooling about a year and a half ago, until today everything was working fine.

Only here, for a few days, the RGB of my pump no longer works, in fact only one red LED is on and all the others are off (see image)
So I still have access to RGB customization on the ICUE software (see second image), but however I put the colors I want, nothing happens..

I repeat that this is only the case for my pump, I can still control the RGB of my fans very well, moreover my pump works well (except the RGB)

I specify that all of my fans are from the corsair brand and that I use a Hub controller where they are all connected

Here is the list of actions I took:

  1. Check all the connections of my watercooling
  2. disconnect and reconnect the connections of my watercooling
  3. try plugging my pump into another ARGB port (didn't work, it gave me a "CPU FAN" error)
  4. Update Icue
  5. Update my drivers


If you have any suggestion to help me I would be very grateful ! 🙂



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This SAME issues has happened to me. I added a new PSU to my rig and hooked everything back up. I've tripled checked my connections multiple times and my pump looks exactly like this. Everything displays as colored within iCue and says the pump fan is spinning. I've had no problems with overheating, just the pump RGB doesn't work properly.

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On 12/10/2022 at 2:34 AM, Corsair Jagtech said:

Hey there, So sorry for the issue you are both having. Please go ahead and submit a ticket here and let me know the ticket number so I can get some more information and help provide a resolution.

Hello, having had no response after a few weeks I have not returned to this topic, I take your message into account only now I apologize. I thus created a ticket summarizing my concern (here is its number: 2005978497)

Very good day !

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