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can SKU CW-9060053-WW H100 RGB 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler with the 253W TDP of a 13700k?


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I am considering the purchase of a corsair liquid cooler, since I already have one but smaller.
The new one must be compatible with the i7 13700k, and I can only mount 240mm or 280mm.
The question is, can it handle the 253 W TDP of the 13700k?

the chosen model would be SKU CW-9060039-WW  Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler

Thanks for answering...

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Most coolers can handle 250W. Total watt dissipation is usually not the limiting factor. Nearly all of us are limited by voltage and temperature. You can string together 10m of radiators but that won’t allow you to run 6.5GHz at whatever voltage is required to make it stable. It’s too hot at block level and heat cannot be conducted away fast enough. 

With a 240mm you might need higher fan speed than someone with a 360mm, if you are running maximum cpu loads. For mixed use like gaming you’ll only be running 100-140W in most applications and that won’t require much effort. If there are no other factors, I would take a 280mm but ultimately most cases fit better with one or the other. 

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