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RAM clearance for 4000x case with h115i Elite Capellix AIO

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I just purchased the 4000x case along with the h115i Elite Capellix AIO and the Vengeance PRO RAM, which unfortunately is not a good combo for a top mounted AIO as they will not fit. I am using a Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE V2 motherboard. I temporarily mounted the AIO at the front while I figure out a solution, but would prefer a top mount to be able to keep the fans at the front of the 4000x case.

Would the Vengeance PRO SL fit into the case with the AIO top mounted? If not, is there any third party RGB RAM that I could buy?

Otherwise, would the h100i Elite Capellix fit with the Vengeance PRO RAM?

I'd rather just return one or the other if possible.



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