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Controling Fan Speed for H150i Elite LCD fans

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I can set fan speed on my AIO fans (h150i Elite LCD kit) from within iCUE.  From what I've read, the h150i and the commander core that comes with the kit should not show up in iCUE at the same time. In my case, I see the h150i but I'm not seeing any options to set fan speed under the cooling tab, only pump speed. I've got the 6 push/pull fans from the radiator as well as a rear exhaust fan attached to a PWM hub which is connected to the Commander Core so I would expect to see just one fan appear in cooling for the h150i. Am I mistaken here?

I have a commander pro as well in my setup that controls 6 separate fans, all of which have options to set fan speed under the cooling tab.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Assuming the control lead from the PWM hub is connected to the Commander Core, do a full shutdown, flip the PSU switch off for 15 seconds, then back on a power up normally. The Commander Core and XT both use an auto-detect feature for fan detection. It possible it missed the hub signal. The power off will force the Com Core to re-assess. 


Not related to this — the Commander Pro is an older controller and does not work in the same way as the Com Core/XT. It’s going to sit on ~1400 rpm on quiet. It’s using a water cooling curve, but cpu temp as the control variable that has a very different value range. Anyone on a Commander Pro will want to make their own curve and set their own control variable. The best choice is to use a 10K temp probe from the Commander box and stick it around or near the rear exhaust (inside or outside the case). This will measure rear exhaust air temp and is the best correlation to fan function. It also works at all times, cue running or not. 

For a quick fix, yellow + to create a new curve, pick on of the shape presets at the bottom right of the graph. These are copies of the quiet, balanced, extreme presets on the Com Core. Then set the sensor to H150i temp (liquid temp). That will match your other fans, but cue must be running to fetch the data from the Com Core. 

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Not sure if it ended up being faulty or a matter of not working well with iCUE, but I ended up removing the PWM hub altogether and connecting the 6 AIO fans to the Commander Core and the single rear case fan to a mobo header. This allowed me to finally set curves on the AIO fans from iCUE. My build has been up and running like a dream for the past few weeks.

Big shout-out to @c-attack for all of their help in this thread and others!

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