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Corsair Commander core xt fan capacity

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Was wondering how many rgb connections can the core xt or the 2 com pros i have  do on each rgb port.

I have 21 LL fans and 11 major g tech rgb fan splitters. For them plus res/cpu/gpu corsair rgb adapter s as well.

I was using Aquasuite but the corsair ram and m.board rgb cant be controlled in there.

So all 21 fans pwm are controlled by Aquasuite  on the octo along with Next flow sensor and pump.(2 x farbwerk 360s will have to be sold).

And was planing on going back to icue for the rgb on my 1000d build 

Want to minimise clutter.

Any ideas or info on the core xt or com pro rgb capacity per port would be app.



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well, SATA connectors are rated at 4.5A max per rail. If you count ~500mA per fan on full white for maximum current draw on the 5V rail,  that would be a theoretical of 9 fans per unit, if the controller itself can take it.

4 lighting node core seem like a better solution ^^'

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LeDoyen thank you for that.

So, i would use 4 x lighting node cores, that would give me 24 rgb ports.

How would that connect in the fan layout order above   to the corsair 1000d com pro plus the 2nd com pro for the 21 fans (with rgb splitters or not) and the ek cpu block / heatkiller gpu block and the Ek 360 res (the last 3 have corsair adapters) not forgetting the io and sail input, also the extra spare passthrough cable.


Or would you set the fan order different to my layout above .

I would be grateful if you have time, in a quick layout design if you were putting the above together.

I loved the Aquasuite, simple hardware and rgb software but could not control the corsair ram or m/board which was a pain.

I want to get the rgb hardware setup done with icue properly this time and in sync so would app any help please.

Would it be better to purchase 2-3 core xt's for their new features 


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 if you only need RGB, it's better to stick to lighting controllers and not commander units. iCUE tends to have problems when using several commander XT together. Works for some people, bugs for others.

The controllers will never be in sync with each other, they are managed completely independently, so you will always have banks of 6 fans running their own show. You can of course set the effects to be timed the same to have something coherent, but iCUE does not sync between controllers.

Knowing that, the front 8 fans pose somewhat of a challenge ^^' it's a pain that corsair sticks to  that 6 fan limit since most cases have provision for 7 fans or more now.

For the 3rd party RGB on the blocks and reservoir, you'll have to use adapters to connect to RGB channels on the commander pro for example since this one has two. the blocks will be set as corsair strips, one strip giving control to 10 LEDs.. just set the number corresponding to how many LEDs the strip really has.

Since i did the opposite move from yours (not using iCUE anymore, switched to Aquasuite) i rather encourage you to shuffle through this huge 1000D topic :



It has a ***ton of builds and examples, schematics of various setups users did on that case.

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Thank you for the advice LeDoyen.

I loved the Aquasuite software and hardware but  not being able to control the corsair ram and Asus m/board within was anoying.

Was going to run both, ie ram and board on icue and  fans/3rd party argb on Aquasuite but other than static colours,nothing else like effects would sync.

How did you get round the ram and mboard issue rgb wise?.

Will keep the fan pwm/pump control/next flow sensor on the octo,the farbwerk 360s and splitty 4s i will put away for now,unless i have issues setting corsair hardware up.

Did have 12 LL fans with splitters into 1 rgb hub,they did light up but i think that was too much so im going with this setup.what do u think?




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I use OpenRGB for the ram, mostly to turn it off 😛 and the motherboard is OFF in bios, but openRGB can control it too.

the program is prone to crashing but i only use it once to set a color or switch off, then close it. all the rest is on the Farbwerk360s.

If i could i'd switch off the ram permanently. I may even look for new ones without RGB honestly. Fans and loop lighting is more than sufficient for me and the tridents reflect colors nicely anyway.

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