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Problem with VS512SDS400

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I purchased two sticks of Corsair Value Select PC3200 512K for my ZV6000. I've installed both of them and can get the machine to run, but get random crashes with a BSOD that quickly disappears but I can see at the bottom it mentions physical memory dump.


Anyway, I checked on the ZV6000 support forums and ran memtest86 per the advice there. One stick has run fine, I've got it to run 3 times, it locked up on 7th pass, once, not sure what happened, but it went to 10 passes the other time, so I assume it is OK.


It is on the second stick that I have an issue with, because on pass 0, test #5, it memtest locks up each time. I've tried it several times now and it just stops, and doesn't show a pattern number or anything.


Is this a bad stick, or have a run into a different issue?


Thank you.

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