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Equalizer only works with enhanced audio enabled


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I recently bought a Virtuoso XT headset and the experience has been a disaster. Especially with the the software.

iCUE 4.29.203 is installed and im running Win 11 21H2. Yea, I cant upgrade Windows 11 since then the equalizer won't work at all.

When the headset is connected via the cable, the equalizer works just fine but when I switch over to the wireless mode, it does not work anymore.

If I got into the sound settings in Windows and enable Enhanced Audio for the wireless headset then the equalizer works.

Also, I double checked, with the Virtuoso USB device in Sound Settings, the Enhanced Audio is off.

Any idea how to solve this? I cannot have enhanced audio enabled as this causes random small lag spikes in the the game I play and I want to use the headset in the wireless mode.

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