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product suggestion - Mk.2 of the K63 Wireless


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I am really wanting to see a Mk.2 of the K63 Wireless for the following reasons:

  1. It can fit into the Corsair Lapboard, while no other Corsair keyboard can, wired or wireless
  2. USB-C charging (Port longevity and dare I say fast charging?)
  3. Bigger battery capacity (4000mAh+ as opposed to the current 2950mAh)
  4. Full RGB support (Not just blue or ice blue color options)
  5. Different keycap options on purchase (Not really a big deal for me, I love the ones on by default)
  6. Bluetooth 5.0 for extra range and lower latency (Opposed to the 4.2 in it currently)
  7. Slipstream support to connect to a main receiver such as the Virtuoso RGB one, removing the need for a separate dongle

In general, I would at least like to see USB-C be the standard for more devices in a Mk.2 of them, because Micro USB cables don't last long at all in comparison, and they are also quite breakable. In all, If the K63 and the Ironclaw RGB were to get a Mk.2, I would pay a pretty penny for them both, as they are my all-time favorite keyboard and mice as peripherals.

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