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HS80 - Get Dolby Atmos even without having the software running


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I really love the HS80. Its a great headset. However, what bothers me is that I only get dolby atmos(DA) when I run the dolby atmos software. I believe the only thing this software does is checking if I have a DA license. Therefore my question, is there a way that I can have DA all the time even without running this software? The reason is that I sometimes forget to start it and then in the middle of a game realize that I can not hear so well. E.g. I had a logitech headset before which integrated the dolby surround check in their software, instead of using an extra software. Also the headset remembered when it was activated with dolby surround even when the software was not running. 

Is there a way that DA is just always on? That would be much better, because always having this unnecessary DA software running is a bit annoying. 

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You don't need to open Dolby Access every startup of PC.
On my end, it seems that you only need to open Dolby Access to change the settings (EQ).

First, your audio setting for Spatial audio must be set to Dolby Atmos for Headphones


You can try this to confirm on your end:

  1. Open Dolby Access
  2. Have your desired EQ setting in Dolby Access
  3. Play some audio (either music or movie) listen for a while.
  4. Then close the Dolby Access, observe if nothing has changed
  5. Also if you have a keen listening ability and remembered how it sounded, try restarting you PC and play the same music or movie (you tested above) without launching the Dolby Access software

And of course, corsair somehow needs to integrate the Dolby Atmos environment on their headphones or iCue. After all, enabling Dolby Atmos for headphones makes functions of iCue software useless (you cannot change mic level in iCue, sidetone is disabled, EQ settings disabled as well) only left settings you can change are the RGB lighting and hardware settings.

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