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AX1200i Freeze and crash my system

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I recently built a new PC and I encountered two major issues. The first was the random shutdown of the PC and unable to restart for few minutes. Googling the issue i found out that the AX1200 i PSU entered on safe mode for some unknown reason and shutted down everything while preventing a restart for few minutes. So I downloaded ICUE and set it from multi trail to single trail, as suggestion from some hi tech forums. The shut down was solved but now my system freeze.

It freeze while playing or while idleing (even thou while playing is much much faster). I can notice the freeze incoming from the fact that the sound disappears. After it disappears if i close one window or just click the desktop, all freeze, the PC is still on but i can't do nothing except a manual reset.

So i read online that the ICUE app sometimes cause these freeze and i unistalled it, but the problem is not solved.

I hope someone have a solution cause I am pretty sure is either a faulty PSU or a wrong setting of the PSU. The rest of the components of my system works fine and i doubt is a window issue as the freeze didn't occur during the shut downs.


Thanks for the help.

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Event viewer has no error except kernel power related (which is due to the fact that i am forced to manual reset every time a freeze occur)

I downloaded back iCUE and set from single trail to multi trail and the freeze stop. I didn't have a single shut down for now, but the PC is always in idle mode. But this is the evidence that my problem is related to the PSU as even in idle mode with single trail the freeze occured every hour or so.

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Already did 4 days ago. They told me a tech support would email me but they never did it.


Your request (2005664868) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

The email stated it would need 2 working days, but 4 have passed.

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