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Mouse Scimitar Elite & ICUE Config


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ICUE and the Scimitar mouse 
Greetings, I recently bought the Corsair Scimitar Elite, it is a mouse that I liked a lot since I saw it, and I liked it a lot until I got to the ICUE programming, I feel that this section is very improvable.
ok I understand that it has 3 SLOTs to save configurations. but as it was made this very complex to perform ... having to find the keys one by one, you have to create 3 different profiles in the Icue (that if I do them from 0 disconfigure my other corsair products to change profile) I feel it is a long and unnecessary method.

They would have simply made (I say this as a suggestion) that the Icue configures showing the existing buttons and says "what do you want to do with X button" I assign the button or Macro and that's it! 
and I save that configuration in a slot of the mouse, this way that configuration is already saved in the mouse without needing to create a profile in my ICUE. if the mouse is disconnected? it uses the last configuration that it had in the ICUE... and this way the option of Configuration of key for ICue and configuration of Key for hardware is avoided... Lighting by ICUE and Lighting by Hardware (that is unnecessary) a single configuration for the mouse (NOT A WHOLE PROFILE) you save this configuration in the mouse and that's it.
I tell you this because it would be extremely easy, useful and fast to save everything in the mouse if it is without the ICUE... It doesn't matter the mouse stayed with the last existing configuration (OF THE MOUSE NOT THE PROFILE) I want to change the configuration? then install the ICUE! 

a single panel that says These are the buttons to do
(I already did all the configurations)
just save it in a slot (Save the mouse configuration only)
I think it would be a good project if you keep creating this kind of mice or even for existing ones that don't use so many buttons.

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