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AX1600i tripped once

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Hi everyone,

My almost new AX1600i tripped once ... I had to switch the PSU off and on for it to boot again. What could the reason be? right after that, it booted fine and I ran CineBenchR23.2 for 10 minutes no problems. Temps spiked at 100C once (I have the Corsair h170i cooler mounted in the front for intake). I checked the default limits in iCUE and the AX1600i is configured to hard shutdown at 70C by default so changed it to run all fans at 100% instead but the temp could not be the reason ... or maybe 🙂

I have the PSU power cable connected to a surge protector and connecting a bunch of normal stuff like 3 monitors, sound bar, adjustable PC desk, etc. Could it also be that it needs to be connected directly to the power outlet and not via a surge protector?


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