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Bait and Wait?

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The vengeance I7400 order page states "Ships in 1 business day"...then under that it says "Please allow 2 weeks for delivery"....well...thursday is 2 weeks and it's still "Processing".


What kind of idiotic crap is that?  Do these guys think they are the only builders on the planet?  Get us to pay and then give us the "We can't get the parts Jellyfinger".....


Utter trash.

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Title says it all.  Ordered 2 weeks ago...no update...no communication...


They got their $4k...but I'm not getting interest for them borrowing MY MONEY.  All I've asked for is a simple update, and none of these fools can tell you why it's still in a "Processing" state for 2 weeks.


Laughable.  1 more day.

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Ships in 1 business day....wait no...please allow 2 weeks for delivery of this item.   2 weeks later...no communication....no update....just pathetic Corsair....think you assholes could provide a simple update?  is it that hard?  I'm paying someone's salary for the month with the money you already have for the rig....


Simple customer service....your leadership is a joke.

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When I placed my order on 10/27, the product page clearly said "delivers in 2 weeks".  It's now nearing 2 weeks, and I also have had no communication.  My order status continues to show "pending reservation", which is what it's said from the outset.

 The product page now says "delivers in 3 weeks", but it's not clear if that's for new orders or not.

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