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Hi there, wanting to get some Hydro X into my PC, currently running a 3090 and 5900x in my 500d case, however, when building the loop online with Corsair I can only get the XD3 pump but prefer the look of the XD5 pump. Is there anyway to make this fit to anyone's knowledge or will the case limit what I can do?



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Hi Marcus, 

If the Custom Cooling Configurator offers only the XD3 pump, it means that your graphics card is so long that disables option for XD5 pump. In 500D RGB SE, XD5 can be mounted onto front radiator where it interferes with long graphics card models.

One possibility to use XD5 pump would be to vertically mount your graphics card (using vertical mount placement in 500D RGB SE). This way graphics card is moved towards the side so there is enough clearance to install XD5 pump. I would opt for this solution only if you will water cool your graphics card. With stock cooling on your graphics card, it's very likely that it will not be possible to fit it or it will have reduced cooling due to glass panel which will choke stock cooling solution. 


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