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Elite H150i AIO LCD issues!!!

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Hi everyone! I really need your help for this issue. I totally hopeless and very very tired about this. As you can see my PC’s specs ( I included the picture ). I am using Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler.


My issue is the LCD has Red Triangle of Death ( like pics I attached ). I research in the Internet, many people have same issues .  And many people lucky successful working in the first time. I guess I am unlucky

  • In my window system, it still found LCD connection but in ICUE 4 software , only Commander Core showing up in the software now.
  • In the icue software I can't see or access the LCD screen and its customization.
  • The pump still working, fans are working. I checked all connections and I believe all are secure.
  • I install CORSAIR iCUE v4.29.203. Tried to uninstall and reinstall many times.
  • I tried some different Commander Core and LCD but same results. LCD doesn’t show up in software.
  • My PC’s specs ( for someone don’t see spec’s pic ). My mainboard is ASUS dark hero Viii AMD ( I am not install armoury crate software yet ). All the pc components are brand new and start as the first time.


For my experience, I very tired when I spend a lot of money and my time for the AIO LCD problem and the only thing I can do is pray it will be worked. I thought that a few billion dollars company like Corsair with experience in making pc components should be making better products for the users rather than making a product like gambling, if you are lucky it could be worked, if you're unlucky, then you should accept it.


I hope those who have experience fixing this issue or have good luck with the first install and it works can help me or others who are having the same problem as me. Not sure how I can get Corsair technical support or where to get help?

I extremely very appreciated any comments or instruction to resolve this problem! I thousand thanks for your time! Thank you so so much!




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  • Corsair Employees

We would recommend that you contact our support team by opening a ticket at help.corsair.com

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