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h150i elite lcd freezes

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i recently bought and build a new computer...
i7 11700k
z590 carbon gaming
msi 3080ti suprim
corsair ram 32gig 3600mhz
windows 11( had 10 before froze aswell)

now everything works fine except my icue or the h150i elite...

everytime my entire pc freezes and when i look at the computer the h150i elite lcd is also frozen(using one of the pre temp reading animations with moving things in the screen)
then about 10sec later the h150i seems to like reboot and works again... and 1 or 2 sec later my pc works again ! the thing is if i am in a game and my entire pc freezes... this isn't that great...

any fixes for this !
*yes i tryed to reinstall it
* used it with all side programs turned off (synaps and msi center) still freezes
* had 3full formats

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anyone else has a solution this far...
the thing is if i start up my pc... and i do not start icue everything works ok and it never crashes...
the h150i elite lcd only freezes when it runs with ICUE (yes i have the latest version and yes i tryed reinstalling it)
so i think the problem is icue and not the cooler itself

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