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Corsair LL Series CO-9050071-WW LL120 RGB changing color question

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Hello guys i have Corsair LL Series CO-9050071-WW LL120 RGB fans for my pc the lights are fine everything working fine but when i go to my Icue program my fans does not show up and for that reason i can't change the colors the way i want  right now it looks like this the icu does not reconize my fans. the only thing that it is not connect is the lighting node pro usb cable that is missing i show in the picture is that reason why i cant customise my colors? please help me thanks.



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yep.. without data connection to the PC, no way to control it from the PC.

I believe those are mini USB? you can use any mini USB cable you can find to connect to an external USB port, or get a mini USB to motherboard 9 pin USB header to connect internally as it's normally done.

If it's a mini USB, stuff like that should do the job just fine https://www.amazon.com/PIIHUSW-Dupont-Motherboard-Adapter-Extended/dp/B09ZTMX9P9/

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