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I have been using my Nexus for a while now and the software updates have been very good so far. Only I would like to have 1 option added.Could you make a separate color button for the temperature text? Because when the graph is full you can't see what the temperature is. In the image 'problem' you can see what I mean.

In the image 'solution' you can see what I would like to see. Each circled color is a separate button in the software, so you can give the name + temperature + graph a different color.

Hopefully this is possible!



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Yes, this is very annoying change. They need to either revert the value label to match the text color button as it was before or create a second color option for the value. It’s been 4 months since the change was noted. I am not sure why this can’t be resolved. I’ve had to change several to text only because I’m tired of not being able to read it at a quick glance. 

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