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iCUE cannot recognize 4 Cousair devices using USB connector at a time

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I wanted to set up my PC like this.

and interlock every LEDs.

0. motherboard is Asus TUF B550+

1. 8ea FAN (2ea ML120 for topside

1ea QL120 for rearside

5ea LL120 for front 3/bottom 2)

2.  H100i elite capellix AIO+LCD kit

3. 2 other LED devices

and they are connected using several Coursair LED controllers using internal USB port

- Command core: 6 LED fans

- Capellix LCD AIO itself

- lighting node core:2 LED fans

-node pro: 2 other LED devices

You know my board has 2 internal USB ports but I have to connect 4 devices to 2 ports

I puchased NZXT 4port usb expansion hub and set up like this


Node core was ok. But node pro was NG

I could see node pro in my system.


But there was no node pro in iCUE.

So I tested various cases. after disconnect node core.




Direct connection to usb port was only way to recognization for node pro in iCUE.


Connection via NZXT Bypass was not effective. 

Now I gave up node core connection like this.

6 fans and AIO LCD LEDs are blue

Only 2 node core fans in bottom are red(not inter locked) ->they are not controlled by iCUE. just operated by iCUE hardware lighting.


In results

1. AIO and command core can use usb expander. 

2. node pro or node core cannot use usb expander. only need to connect directly.

Then what is my next step?

NZXT usb expansion hub's data rate or bandwidth does not satisfy Coursair devices?

Should I change usb expansion hub?

(i.e. buy other vendor's hub)

Or is this Asus board's USB2.0 issue?

I already have changed  BIOS PCIE3 lane setting after reading other topics in this forum. It didn't work.

I have LT100 , LS100 now and want to buy LC100.

But I know that LC100 use node pro and have to connect to internal USB2.0 connection. If I dont solve this problem, buying LC100 is silly thing.

In summary,

I want to connect over 4 Cousair LED devices to 2-internal USB ports. Somebody had same expirence and solve it?

Plz help me everyone.

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1 hour ago, Venuscat said:

Should I change usb expansion hub?

(i.e. buy other vendor's hub)

Or is this Asus board's USB2.0 issue?

You’re doing the right things and have done well getting this far. Unfortunately this seems to be where we are at on recent motherboards and the usb 2 behavior becomes more and more difficult. This has become a tricky issue for a lot of users and methodically testing each connection possibility as you’ve done above is all you can do. There are no hard rules about which combinations work and it varies between chipsets and specific models. 

Any B550 board is going to have trouble with usb 2 voltage output and the hubs may be needed for that, in addition to number of connections. Most users have difficulty with the Commander Core, Commander XT, and the LCD top. Those three devices seem to be pickier about detection and you can get into trouble when using three or more of them.  So it’s a bit odd that you seem to be able to get the Com Core and LCD top connected in multiple options and it’s the old lightweight Lighting Node Pro that is the difficult one. That is not common and it’s usually a very easy device that can be piggy backed on passthroughs or lumped in with other devices on the hub. I was wondering if it or its cable was defective, but it seems to work when directly connected. It’s also strange the LNPro was not detected when alone on the NZXT hub. I am going to assume that when you attempted to connect the Lighting Node Core to the usb hub with the Com Core and LCD top it was not detected (last picture).

The majority of users are on the NZXT hub. It’s not going to be the issue, although you can try something else. However, where most users in this bind are succeeding is by sacrificing a usb 3 internal connection with a USB 3->2 conversion cable. This has been particularly effective on Intel Z690 or on Com Core/XT/LCD setups. 

Something else to try is taking the LCD top off the splitter with the Commander Core and connecting each device individually. This has helped users with Com Core or LCD detection issues (often seen as missing control options for the AIO in CUE). When the LCD top is properly connected it should always show in cue and not the Commander Core. The Com Core functions are under the LCD top picture which shows the controller is in “AIO mode” and not as a standalone fan controller. 

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