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HX1000i (2022 model) cable kit question

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Hi Everyone,

I currently have an hx850i psu and just upgrade to the new hx1000i...I have a bitfenix cable kit that i have been using since i got the hx850i and Im wondering if i can use the bitfenix kit on the new hx1000i?  the kit includes 24 pin type 3 and type 4 which is great.  The gen 4 24 pin says RMX / RMi on it so im hoping this will work with the hx1000i since it uses type 4 24 pin

the model for the kit is BFX-ALC-CSRKK-RP


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I hope this answers your question......

I too have the same power supply. I bought a different brand cable extension kit since I wanted a white theme in my case.

Overall, makes it more fun doing cable management on all the extra cable to hide.

Also, I've had no issues at all in 6 months so far.

Good luck and have fun doing it !





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