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Slipstream dongle shorts out? Hot like Car 12V cigarette lighter

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Hello my corsair slipstream dongle has failed I was lucky to find out it was heating up. I removed it before it caused a fire or melting, but it was getting very hot like a cigarrette lighter inside a car (round socket).

I need a replacement but I cannot find it on amazon. I also cannot find it on the corsair website. I have the Harpoon mouse, My first one failed and was replaced with a refurbished one of questionable quality. 

The refurbished Harpoon I have now has always had the issue wherein the bottomside toggle switch refuses to engage (can't turn on wireless) unless I wiggle the hell out of it for about 10 attempts. However, it does work after playing around with it. 

However, the dongle started behaving this way recently and I cannot find any kind of replacement anywhere. How can I get a replacement? 

iCUE claims that I successfully updated the firmware on the dongle, but the dongle clearly doesnt work at all so I am not sure how that was possible to be honest.

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