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Corsair - MAKE A RIGHT ANGLE VERSION!! 600W PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR Type-4 PSU Power Cable


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haha i saw Buildzoid's video like an hour ago, and there you are 😛

But really good call. Here are his (valid) ramblings


and the cablemod note about using that connector :


It would be nice to test these internally at least and maybe issue some warnings if a risk is found.. or come up with a solution like 90° connector.  People are used to cable manage PCIE cables that are sturdy AF, so if they go all out bending that one the same way to clear the glass door, it could get interesting..

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There seem to be enough reports of the plastic melting that it is spooking people. That's more than enough reason for people to want a right angle cable! I thought it would be a really sensible move for Corsair to have it's own Type 4. 

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well they have but it's a straight one. It just sucks that Nvidia didn't angle the socket as they did on the 3000 founders edition.

GPU manufacturers should maybe start to think about putting connectors somewhere else : the back end of the card, or branching off the backplate flat.. i dont  know..

SLI is gone, they can use the faces of the GPU to put connectors now. These monstruosities are already 4 slots wide anyway, it's not as if they cared about space now.

Maybe it will be less of an issue with ATX 3.0 where those squid cables will dissapear for straight 600W cables.

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7 hours ago, ALSTER said:

Hey guys,


IS this Corsair's 12VHPWR cable compatible with Seasonic PX-1000 PSU? Will it work fine with this PSU? Want to buy one and not sure whether it is OK or not.


Thank you

No, why would it be? It's totally different manufacturer, like door of BMW wouldn't be compatible with Mercedes. You have to look specifically for Seasonic.

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