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Commander pro not showing up in icue

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Hey there! So today I installed three LL120 fans, the lighting node and also the commander pro.

Everything seemed to be working fine , fans spinning, rgb blooming, however I wanted to turn down the fan speed and found no way of doing so.

Looking online I could see I should be able to do so through icue and the commander pro section "cooling". This is where my trouble started, the commander pro does not show and I cannot for the life of me get it to. I've unplugged it all and put it all back, reinstalled icue, are there any options for me?

Image below you can see only my ram and lighting node show.


Thank you in advance.


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Internal device detection is for on the USB 2.0 connection pathway.  Try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB 2 to the motherboard while the system is powered on.  That may force a detection.  


If not, you'll need to get into more specifics about what motherboard you are using.  USB 2 detection has become more problematic as newer boards move towards a total embrace of high throughput standards.  

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