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Does iCue4 have to be running on the PC to keep settings

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Corsair products have two states. 1) CUE running software mode. When the program is running it can use maximum system resources to create complex lighting, macros, and run simultaneous effects. This options are set in Lighting Effects and Assignments. 

2) CUE is not running = hardware mode. When cue is not running your devices will exhibit the colors saved to each device. Capability varies by product but it is most often single effects or simple actions. These are created in the Hardware Lighting and Hardware Assignments sections and then must be actively saved to the device on some peripherals like KBs and mice. 

Both settings are remembered on boot. HW Lighting will be displayed through the boot sequence until after the OS and CUE loads. Once CUE loads the software lighting will take over. If you don’t run CUE it will stay on the HW Lighting. 

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