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k95 keyboard stuck at static red, scenes won't work

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When I boot up the keyboard it automatically goes fully red. In Icue  (4.29.203 on windows 11) it refuses to change. If I click on a scene it does nothing. I uninstalled the software a couple of days ago and re-installed , it worked but since rebooting its back to this. I can't be expected to re-install every time so any suggestions?

I'm considering a keyboard reset if anyone thinks that's worthwhile

Regards Dave


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Yes, do the ESC key reset.  When it's stuck on red it's not usually a software glitch and something on the KB end.



If that does not work, force load the firmware.  Device Settings -> Check for updates -> None -> Force update will become an option.


Is this an old 18 G-key K95?  Or one of the newer ones?

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Is the change to red happening at the moment of power on (BIOS initialization) or when CUE loads after the OS is up and running?

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So I've narrowed this down. I had a copy of icue 3.88.88 so I uninstalled , rebooted , installed etc and that also goes red. What happens is that the keyboard flashes all different colours before icue starts up then it attempts to use my default and then goes to all red. There's nothing wrong with the keyboard because I can fix it in two ways, both which are crap.

1: Disable icue in startup then once the PC has fully booted run the program

2: Kill the process then restart the program

Both of these mean I can't run it without intervention. This must be an issue with Windows 11 and/or the software. I don't recall anything similar under windows 10


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Red seems to be the fallback color for KBs and mice when something goes wrong. Most often this is reported at power on and identifies itself as a hardware problem. If it waits until CUE loads, I wonder if there is a software conflict with another program. Most often this is motherboard RGB software. GA Fusion and MSI mystic light/aura come up frequently. The stuck on red seems most common with MSI.

What motherboard software are you running?  Are there any options to prevent it from reaching out or delay starting?  Launching CUE manually after boot rather than auto start may help for now, although it would be nice to resolve this. It’s not a Win 10/11 thing or we’d be buried under a mountain of complaints already and neither of my K95P KBs do this on Win 11 during a year+ of Win 11 beta. 

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If you happen to have a MSI motherboard and its accompanying RGB software installed it is likely that as the culprit. MSI software likes to take control of third-party RGB devices it detects and by default will set everything to static red. No matter what you change in the iCUE software it will not take over from the MSI software.

You will need to find the setting in the software to prevent it from controlling third-party RGB hardware, and also not run it at the same time as the iCUE software.

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