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H150i Elite LCD Pump Failure

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Hello friends, as I mentioned in the title, I am getting a pump failure error. I disassembled my cooler to clean it and after doing the necessary cleaning (with the help of a brush), I completed the installation of my cooler as before. The only difference is that I realized that I connected the single-cable processor communication cable coming from the LCD screen to the PUMP_FAN socket instead of the CPU_FAN socket. I got this error when I started the computer. I turned off the computer and connected it to the CPU_FAN socket again, but there was no change.

All the transactions I have made;

1- BIOS flashback(No solution)

2- I disconnected all the cables and reconnected them one by one (No solution)

3- I reset Commander Core (No solution)

4- I connected the usb connections directly to two separate usb sockets instead of the replicator. (No solution)

5- I made sure that the LCD screen is fully seated (No solution)

6- I tried force update (No solution)

Also, when I check it in iCUE, the speed of the pump is 0 rpm. Other fans are running at full speed. Although the pump shows 0, it can be understood from its sound that it is running at full speed. I have no problems with temperature values. The i9 10900k gives the values of 38-40 at idle with 5 ghz overclock and 75-80 at full load. It is absolutely clear that the pump is performing its function. The only problem is that I can't control the LCD screen and the fans. I was able to install a different controller for the fans and control them and get rid of their noise, but I cannot interfere with the pump in any way. Has anyone encountered and resolved this issue? I would be glad if you help me. Sorry for the bad translation 🙂

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Is there anyone who can help? Anyone from the authorities? I opened a ticket for support, no one responded to the ticket.

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