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iCUE broke post BIOS update for CPU

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Been using iCUE with no issues the past few months and upgraded my CPU today to a i9-13900K. Updated BIOS and now upon starting iCUE no longer functions. My DIMM's were locked in a static pink, my case fans aren't registering properly, my LCD display is stuck on a gif I can't change and my GPU disappeared from the software.  Tried reinstalling iCUE with moderate success, my GPU now appeared and I could change some LED's, but LCD still broken even if I can get some of my case fans and my DIMM's to update and properly light up. Not sure what to do but this should be a software issue, right? Anyone got an idea on something I can do to fix? Would really rather not flashback my BIOS at this second but...if that's what needs to be done...

System specs:
CPU: i9-13900K
Mobo: MSI Carbon wifi Z690 (BIOS version: E7D30IMS.191)
RAM: Corsair 64gb Dominator DDR5 5200 (2x32)
CPU Cooler: Corsair 360mm AIO w/ LCD Display

Edit: Added DIMM's in specs

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Forgot system info
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Yeah, don’t roll back the bios. Technically that should not matter for CUE but go to the Windows Apps list and click on Corsair iCUE and modify to perform a repair install. That will not erase profiles or settings but should repair the start up sequence. 

Suggestion above about flipping off the PSU for a minute may help if this hardware settings got scrambled, but usually that would correct when CUE loads. 

Possible CUE will need the SDK updated for the new Raptors, but that should only prevent motherboard and cpu temp data, not twist the lighting profiles. 

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I just built a new PC this week, updated the BIOS on the new motherboard for the new i9-13900k CPU as well, installed all the motherboard junk, and iCue hasn't worked me at all yet.

I just made my own post about it with all my details, and I've tried the things suggested in this post numerous times, but nadda.

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