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Corsair HX1000i PSU replacement for 13900K & 4090 needed?

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Hi All,


First post here - grateful to see so many SMEs helping out others!


I have a question, and apologies if this may have been answered (I did a cursory scout and couldn't see a forum specific to mine and the parts I have). 


I have the below computer currently: 


NZXT AIO Z73 Liquid Cooler

Corsair 6000mhz Dominator DDR5 Ram

HX1000i PSU (I believe this is the older one - I bought in 2018 it has the blue logo on it as opposed to what i believe is grey now)

X6 Corsair LL120 Fans that I have synced up

AORUS Z690 Tachyon Motherboard

AORUS 4090 Master. 

X3 Samsung 980 Pro SSDs

X1 Mechanical 2tb Hardrive. 


Essentially I am looking at getting a 13900K. After reading reviews its apparent that this CPU can pull a higher number of Ws from the PSU, and as such I was seeking advice as to whether or not I should update my PSU to a HX1500i? 

my key considerations really are:

- Ensuring everything is being powered correctly; and

- I can use the PSU cables I have wired into my computer already as It will be a royal pain to rewire everything. 


Advice would be great. Thank you!






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I already have the Nvidia 4090 and the Intel 12900KS running on the AX860i and it's working great. I've however ordered the AX1600i as I want to have some buffers but the average power usage in games is around 600-650W however the transient spikes are up to 900W so I'm very close to the absolute limits of the PSU. 

I'd be surprised if you have any issues on your PSU unless you continually run both the CPU and GPU at max settings, you might be using 450W on the CPU but the CPU will be maxing out at 150W in games, I'm mostly at around 80-100W in the games I play.

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Most of these 4090s will have a 450W power limit.  Even at 600W, unless you deliberately set up some type of power test for CPU + GPU, you are not going to reach 900W.  In your position I would see how things go and potentially wait for PSUs with dedicated 12+4 connectors --- if we get them.  

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I'd even recommend reducing the power to the 4090, you reduce the power 20% and you loose 4% performance, the original power curve is simply designed to win benchmarks. I have a fixed -15% on the total power and I'm peaking at 380, howering around 300-350W in most games on the 4090 doing 120FPS 4K always. If I had your PSU I'd not be ordering a new one but I've seen spikes up to 900W which means ine is on border of it's capability during transient spikes and because I can afford I decided to upgrade.


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well, better try and see. and wait for ATX3.0 PSUs.

Who knows, it may be cheaper to get a 850 or 1000W ATX3.0 that can take the transients instead of a 1200 or 1500W ATX2.0

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