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Corsair support no response for a week after rma request

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On 12th of October 2022 I submitted a RMA ticket to support for my AX860i PSU. I have had this problem for quite a while now and have replaced almost all the components in my PC just not the PSU. When I tried with different PSU it worked normally but it was lended and I returned it to a friend. When I lunch a game or stress the system over certain wattage or load the PC just reboots, shuts off and powers back on. This is a high end PSU so it should not do this. I hope this is still covered in 10 year warranty. I attached with the ticked the photos of the PSU serial number and of the box. I have unfortunately lost the original receipt, probably from moving houses 3 times. Can someone please review the ticket I send, there is no answer in a week.


Support ticket is 2005615714, if anyone can please help me get my RMA processed or at least some answer?

Thank you,

Best regard

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I have the same issue as you. I have an AX860i I purchased a few years back.


Random shutdown, wont boot up until I unplug it for a while, then it works for only a few minutes.


I've been going back and forth with them for nearly a month and their solution was a XH1000 (non I), and when I asked for the HXi as my unit had the corsair link and would like to keep it. They basically stopped responding to me after that.


Hope they offer a replacement for you faster than they did for me, as it takes 3 days to get a response after they send you a message. Don't accept a non I model, you are unlikely to get the Ax1600i as it's a monster upgrade, but the HX1000i is a decent replacement, even though it's still a step below the Axi series.


Good luck!


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