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Hardware Key Assignments

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Hello everybody,

I have just bought a new K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, and I have to say that there is something that I don't understand.

I use a KVM to switch between 2 computers (private, professional) with the same keyboard, mouse and screen. 

I have installed iCUE4 on the private computer, and I have no issue there : I can use the G keys (I assigned text to some of them) and Lightning effects that looks great.

Then I have assigned a different Ligthnin efftct to "Hardware Lightning" and assigned other texts to the G keys with "Hardware Key Assignments". I saved all those things into the "Onboard Memory", overwriting the 1st slot.

Problem is that when I switch to my professional computer (the one without iCUE), I get the Harware Lightning with its different effects, but I don't get any G key working : just nothing happens when I try to use them.

Do you have any idea on how to get the G keys working on my professional computer (without iCUE) ?

If I quit ICUE on my private computer, I get the Harware Lightining, and I get some text when hitting the G keys, even if it looks like a "wrong" keyboard layout is used (looks like a QWERTY layout is used instead of AZERTY). This is not as important as my first question, but why is it using another layout ?

Thank you for having read me.


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