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corsair void rgb elite wireless - sidetone issue


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I know this was an issue a few years back, but for whatever reason im still having this issue - Sideton doesnt work when I mute my mic and then unmuting it. Only way to fix this is to go into iCUE and manually set it to a different or same percentage of sideton for it to work again.


Im using the latest software and firmware updates as of 18th of october, 2022.

Firmware: version 0.08

iCUE software: version 4.29.203


I force updated firmware and restarted and these issues still presisted

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I have the same issue.  Seems everytime I restart the headset, I need to go into icue to enable the sidetone again by basically clicking on it in the equalizer settings in icue and then clicking it again and then all works fine.  It is annoying, but have found no other solution.

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