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K70 RGB MK.2 wrong led colour

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I own an mk2 gaming keyboard and the last days some leds such as left arrow caps lock indicator scroll lock indicator and next command button have different led colours from the selected.

What seems to be the problem and how we can wolve it.

Thank you very much


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I would try a force update of the KB firmware.  Go to the device settings -> Check for update -> none.  Then force update should appear.  Sometimes this can help reset a stuck LED and you seem to have more than one.


If that does not work, start a support ticket with Corsair.  In the meantime, you can try and narrow down the root cause.  Try setting static layers of Red (255,0,0), Green (0,255,0), and Blue (0,0,255) and see if one of those colors does not light up the affected keys.  That would suggest the red, green, or blue LED on that key has burnt out and tricks like a KB reset or forced update are not likely to work.  

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In a new static colour profile the caps lock and scroll lock indicatores fo blue and red seems to work properly and also the other 2 buttons. The problem seems to be on green as shown from photos.




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