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corsair void rgb elite wireless - mulitple issues/questions


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1. I hear absolutely no difference with the EQ settings. Ive tried making -12 dB and +12 dB presets, using all the different presets listening to the same music but there is absolutely no difference. I assume it should be pretty noticeable if i did that right?

2.  Is there a way I can turn off the voice that says "Mic on, mic muted" etc? I cant seem to find it anywhere in the iCUE settings or manual


Im using the latest software and firmware updates as of 18th of october, 2022.

Firmware: version 0.08

iCUE software: version 4.29.203


I force updated firmware and restarted and these issues still presisted


EDIT: 2nd issue fixed - i found an option to turn it off (go to device settings and turn off "voice prompts")


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